Welcome to my Homepage!       I have designed my Homepagefor the following people:

1.)   Friends and relatives: if you you want to visit my performances you can easily find the dates. I would be happy If you come to see a perfomance!

2.)   Agents and Musicians: if you want to book me for a performance you can easily check my dates of upcoming performances and my repertory (because of the tables this page might load a little longer). To learn more about my singing please view  also my reviews on the "press" page.

3.)   Audience: here you can leave comments regarding my performances. You can sign my guestbook or write an instant message via my e-mail form. I look forward to any post. (Sorry, guestbook is out of order due to spam, pleas use fb or email)

and now I wish you much fun browsing my page.There are pictures on most of my pages. If you love browsing you might find an intresting link about music, theater or my Family on my link page!

Pleas write a message. Say what you always wanted to say, leave a comment or a suggestion...